Redundancy can be a fair reason to dismiss, but there are strict procedures that you must follow to ensure that dismissal is carried out fairly.  We can assist you from the very start to identify whether there is a redundancy situation, then to identify your groups or ‘pools’ of employees that may be at risk of redundancy, selection of employees and guiding you through the consultation procedure.  Failure to carry out the correct procedures can mean that even if there is a redundancy situation, the procedure might render the dismissal unfair.  We can work with you to take out the stress of this situation for both you and your employees and try to make your business run as smoothly as possible through this difficult time.



As you will know, the default retirement of 65 has been abolished and in order to retire an employee you must look at various other methods, such as succession planning.  We can assist you in planning for retirement and managing this efficiently in your workplace.