Cybercrime is the term used for criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet. Peace of mind about cybercrime security is essential in today’s digital world. Livingstons advises all clients to be vigilant regarding fraud. We will NEVER notify you of a change of banking details by email, post or text message. If you receive such a notice, even if it appears genuine, always speak to the person dealing with your matter by calling their main office number which is printed on all of our official correspondence and is also on our website. Please be alert to the fact that fraudulent communications could contain fake contact telephone numbers so always speak to the person dealing with your matter before transferring any money. If you receive an email from Livingstons requesting your bank details or requesting monies, always telephone your solicitor immediately to confirm the details before making payment. Livingstons Solicitors Ltd cannot take responsibility if you transfer money to a wrong bank account. Please telephone (01229) 585555 if you have any questions.