Fixed Fee Family

We are proud to be pioneering fixed fees for cases involving divorce, the division of assets and contact. Legal aid has been removed for many types of family case and people risk being left without advice and assistance when they need it most. Our new fixed fee scheme is designed to give both clarity on costs and access to affordable, practical and expert legal advice.

Steven Ladhams, now heads Livingstons’ busy family law department, explained why this new scheme has been introduced:-

“For a number of years, legal aid has been under threat and from April 2013, legal aid will no longer be available for most divorce cases, cases involving the division of assets following a divorce or most cases involving children.

Some people worry about seeing a solicitor because of the cost, so our new scheme is designed to give clients absolute clarity and transparency on costs from the outset, so that they will have the comfort of knowing that there are no “hidden extras” and that they will receive high quality legal advice for an agreed and reasonable cost.

Our fixed fee for a divorce if you are the Respondent is £400.00 plus £80.00 vat, if you are the Petitioner our fixed fee will be £600.00 plus £120.00 vat.”

Please contact Sharon Ritchie on (01229) 585555 for further details.