Disciplinary and Grievance

We can provide advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of grievance and disciplinary procedures.



You might need advice from the very moment you believe your employee has committed an act of misconduct or poor performance.  You may simply want guidance as to whether or not it is strong enough for you to invoke the disciplinary procedures.  We can assist you in making this decision, guide you through the procedure if you wish and be behind you every step of the way.


We can provide you with letters and checklists to assist you throughout.  This includes checklists for the meetings, letters of invitation to the meetings and letters to inform them of the outcome.  We can ensure that the letters contain the correct information as directed by employment law.  We are aware that each situation is unique and we can tailor our advice accordingly and guide you through this to make this process less stressful. We strongly advise against just using old precedent letters for new matters.


We would always say that you and your managers should carry out the disciplinary procedure. If you don’t, it can undermine your credibility with your staff.  We can speak to you however before and after the meetings and make decisions with you as to how you want to run your business.


We pride ourselves on giving robust advice whilst outlining any risks that there might be and various options throughout the process.



In relation to grievances raised against the Company or employees, again we can guide you through this procedure preparing the correct legal letters and checklists to guide you through the meetings.


We appreciate these situations are often stressful for both you and your employees and with the guidance and reassurance that you are carrying out the correct procedure this can take an element of stress away.


Correctly carried grievance and disciplinary procedures stand you in much stronger stead for a defence if matters progress to an Employment Tribunal claim.  Although a very large number of potential claims can be prevented by following the correct procedures, it remains the case that employment legislation is often very complex.  Even with the best intentions in the world, it is never possible for employers to avoid potential claims.  If the procedure is not carried out fairly, it can render any dismissal unfair from the outset.