• Livingstons Solicitors - Probate“Livingstons Solicitors provided quality advice and guided me through the intricacies of inheritance tax.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Cycling“Livingstons Cycling offer a no win, no fee service to assist you in your claim for compensation.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Equine“We offer specialist advice in equine law including purchase & sale agreements and veterinary negligence.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Industry“We needed a law firm that had experience of working in high tech industry. Livingstons ticked all the boxes.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Legal“The free initial appointment really helped me understand my legal rights and put my mind at ease.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Education“Livingstons are a local firm and we’re proud to advise and support several local schools and colleges.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Business“Livingstons explained the litigation process and were quick to resolve it. This meant I could get back to running my business.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Property“Livingstons property team provided a fast turnaround and their Fixed Fees meant there were no hidden charges.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Agriculture“We’ve been with Livingstons for three generations and with their help and support we’ll keep farming for generations to come.
  • Livingstons Solicitors - Locations“With offices in Ulverston and Dalton it means I can make an appointment to suit me.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know if I can afford to see a solicitor?

Seeking advice from a solicitor need not be as expensive as you may think. Livingstons offers all prospective clients a first free consultation at which an initial view can be taken as to the merits or issues in your case.  At the initial interview, we would also advise you about our charges and if other funding arrangements are available.

What about “No Win-No Fee” Legal advice?

In certain types of cases (notably Personal Injury and Employment matters) Livingstons are able to offer “no win, no fee” arrangements to cover potential legal costs.  “No win, no fee” arrangements are usually only offered in cases which have a good chance of success.

In Personal Injury cases, we may be able to assist you under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) under which if you succeed in your claim, the other side will pay your legal costs. We can also take out an insurance policy on your behalf (which we pay for) to cover you in the event that you lose.

All of this means that we do not ask you for any money at any stage. If we are successful in your claim we normally charge a success fee but this is paid for by the other side. We make no deductions from the damages you receive.

We can also take some Employment Tribunal claims under a Damages Based Agreement (DBA).  In the Tribunal, it is not usual for the losing side to pay the winning side’s legal costs.  As such, there is very little risk of you being asked to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful.  At the start of the case, we would agree a percentage of your compensation which we would be paid in the event that your claim is successful.  If you win, you pay us the agreed percentage to cover our fees.  If you lose, you pay us nothing.

What hours are Livingstons Offices open?

Our offices in Ulverston and Dalton all have the same opening hours. Normal opening hours are 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Outside these hours an answer phone service is available.

Will you come to me?

Our staff travel between our offices to see clients and, wherever possible, we will arrange your appointments for the office which is most convenient for you.

Our Dalton office is easily accessible for wheelchair users, but if you would prefer not to travel to Dalton or have limited mobility, we offer home and hospital appointments on request.

Do you only represent clients in the area?

No.  Although most of our clients live or work in South Lakes and Furness area, we have an ever-increasing number of clients from further afield.  We are constantly developing and updating our IT which helps us better serve our clients out of the area.

Employment Package 2017/18

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Had an accident while



Have an employment question?

Dear Jenny



We are always on the lookout for good staff, whether or not we have any current vacancies. We are always happy to receive speculative applications and will keep your details on file should a suitable vacancy arise.

Please send your CV and covering letter to David Chadwick, Practice Manager, 9 Benson Street, Ulverston LA12 7AU


Seeking advice from a solicitor need not be as expensive as you may think. Livingstons offers all prospective clients a first free consultation. CONTACT US


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We have offices in Ulverston and Dalton and we're open Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Or you can call 01229 585555 READ MORE

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