Livingstons –Solicitors Who Cycle

Every year in the UK over 16,000 cyclists are killed or injured in road accidents, including over 2,500 who are killed or seriously injured. But these are only the reported road accidents. Up to 90% of cycling casualties are never reported.

Practice Manager of Livingstons Solicitors – Gaynor Murray commented, “Our legal firm is passionate about cycling, we cycle ourselves, and we understand the needs of cyclists and the fact that many accident cases are unreported and unrepresented.”

About 25% of cyclists killed and injured are children and the accident rate increases as children grow older, peaking at about 16 years. Gaynor added, “Drivers of vehicles have insurance companies defending their interests whereas cyclists are often neglected. Livingstons can settle claims to replace all types of bicycles and successfully resolve personal injury claims at every level, including serious motor vehicle incidents.”

Most cycling accidents happen in urban areas where most cycling takes place. Almost three quarters happen at T-junctions, roundabouts and dangerous junctions for cyclists.

Should you ever need to discuss a recent accident whilst riding your bicycle simply email or telephone, there’s no obligation. To arrange an initial free consultation, telephone the Dalton office on 01229 462126 today or email at